Ralph Bowen

V16 Metal

The metal V16 tenor mouthpiece is made with the legendary “Bell Metal” brass, then plated with 24-karat gold.

Available in 3 chambers:

• S: Small chamber: The original V16 model relabeled with the Small indication. A centered sound with a lot of projection.
• M: Medium chamber: Inspired by the famous mouthpieces from the 50's/60's. A round and deep sound.
• L: Large chamber: In the tradition of the 40's. The great vintage sound.


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T5 Uniquely available with the Large chamber, recommended for use with the ZZ reeds strengths 2.5, 3
T6 Available in Small, Medium, or Large chamber. A very versatile mouthpiece with a medium tip opening. Recommended for use with the JAVA and ZZ #3 reeds.
T7 Available in Small, Medium, or Large chamber. An excellent balance between opening and facing length. 
T8 Available in Small, Medium, or NEW Large chamber. Particularly recommended for use with the JAVA "Filed-Red Cut" and V16 #3 reeds. 
T9 Available in Small, Medium, or NEW Large chamber. The most open mouthpiece in the line, a perfect balance with the JAVA "Filed - Red Cut" reeds strength 2.5. 

Walter Blanding


JAVA ebonite mouthpieces are suited to jazz, soul and funk. Similar in sound concept to a metal mouthpiece, with the comfortable feel of ebonite.



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A mouthpiece equally suited for jazz and classical playing.

T55 A comfortable mouthpiece with the tip opening of the V16 series T6.
T75 An intermediate tip opening; the most popular JAVA tenor choice.
A generous, rich and centered sound.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart


The most hard-hitting mouthpiece of the line. Designed with a small chamber, a very high baffle and a large bore. Produces a powerful, aggressive tone with excellent projection, comparable to edgy metal mouthpieces.


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Power and brightness are its principal qualities.

T55 Clear, balanced and rich timbre.
T75 Dynamic and flexible, a particularly versatile mouthpiece.
A very popular mouthpiece for swing, jazz and R&B.

David Milne


The V5 series is characterized by a traditional round chamber. These mouthpieces are available in a wide variety of models that suit classical and jazz musicians.


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Very easy blowing and articulation.

T27 A comfortable mouthpiece, particularly precise in the upper harmonic register.
T25 Same conception as the T15 but slightly more open.
The best sound quality: compact and centered.
T35 An open mouthpiece that works in every style.

Steven Mauk


The favorite of classical saxophonists. 

The conception of this series was the fruit of research on both external shape (particularly the beak) and sound, in order to meet the needs of today’s saxophone players.


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Roundness, depth and precision.

TL4 A little more open than the TL3, a richer timbre.
Vandoren Optimum Saxophone Mouthpieces
by vandorenusa

Kirk Whalum

V16 Ebonite

JAVA, V16 and ZZ reeds are more particularly recommended for these mouthpieces. Mouthpieces inspired by the sounds of the greatest Jazz players from the fifties to the present.  Available in 6 tip openings and a single chamber, it is the perfect "Vintage" mouthpiece.


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T6 Versatile mouthpiece with a long facing and a particularly rich sound.
T7 A good compromise between easy sound production and timbre.
T8 The most popular tip opening for the tenor.
T9 Dynamic, rich and powerful.
T10 A homogeneous, particularly responsive mouthpiece.
T11 Very open; warm, yet powerful.
Vandoren V16 Saxophone Mouthpieces
by vandorenusa