OPTIMUM TM Ligatures

• Quick and precise tightening. 

• 3 interchangeable pressure plates to adjust the sound.

• Expression with freedom.

Three different pressure plates. Whether playing classical or jazz, the Optimum Ligature’s three pressure plates accommodate your style.

1) The reed vibrates in total freedom, producing a very flexible sound. Greater ease of expression.

2) A more compact, centered sonority, smooth even sound and extraordinary blowing ease.

3) A rich, colorful sonority which produces great resonance. Pressure along the fiber of the reed facilitates an unbelievable blowing ease. Incredible ease of articulation.


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The new M|O ligature combines the lightweight construction of the legendary Masters ligature with the highly efficient tightening of the OPTIMUM ligature.

• Lightweight.

• Easy to set up.

• Quick and symmetrical tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanism.

• Inverted tightening with only 2 small contact points on the reed. Thus, the ligature allows an optimum vibration of the reed and a crisp articulation.

Available in silver.


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Vandoren M|O Ligatures
by vandorenusa


• Genuine leather - handcrafted finish. 

• Quick and precise tightening.

• Round and warm sound.

• Three interchangeable pressure plates to subtly modify your sound. An easy-fit Velcro® system makes changing the plates easy while contributing to the flexibility of the entire ligature.

1) Metal plate - a more colorful and compact sound. The combination of a metal plate and a flexible ligature offers the player the best sonic qualities of both materials.

2) Smooth leather plate - made from the same leather as the ligature, it creates a focused, compact sound that is slightly darker.

3) “Supple” smooth leather plate - made from a more supple leather, it gives a rounder, more ample sound.


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