Reed Resurfacer

The reed resurfacer is made of a washable tempered glass and features an etched surface that is nearly impossible to wear out.

David Gould presents the Vandoren reed-resurfacer

Reed Stick

The reed stick, inspired by a reed rush, is made of etched glass and enables the player to precisely customize and personalize their reeds.

David Gould presents de reed-stick by Vandoren

Reed Trimmers

The Vandoren Reed Trimmer repairs damaged tips and increases the strength of your reeds with ease.

Adjustable and precise, it utilizes the same blades we use in our factory to create a consistent, clean cut every time. Now damaged reeds can perform like new again.

Different Reed Trimmer models are available depending on the shape characteristics of Vandoren reeds.

Click here to view the product datasheet.

David Gould presents the new Reed Trimmer from Vandoren