Aluminum Straight

All of our aluminum mutes are hand-made using hand-spun aluminum. Unlike machine-spun aluminum the hand spinning process creates a higher density aluminum that is extra responsive giving the Denis Wick straight mutes their signature sound. The purposefully designed shape creates perfect intonation and helps increase projection. All of this is held in the instrument by using the finest all natural cork that is soft to the touch but durable enough to last for years.


The Denis Wick cup mute is designed with an adjustable cup that allows a player to customize the distance of the cup from the bell of the instrument. This level adjustment can be used to create a myriad of different tone colors and makes this mute a perfect fit for any size bass trombone bell.

Extending Tube

The Denis Wick extending tube mute is designed with a classic shape to provide a classic Jazz sound. The inner tube of the stem has been lengthened to achieve perfect intonation whether the stem is in or out.


The practice mute that started it all. The Wick practice mute is designed to have as little resistance as possible while still providing near silent practice. It is made from hand-spun aluminum that is powder coated black for a long lasting finish.

Wooden Straight

Wooden mutes are used for their warmer muted sound but can often be expensive and easy to break. Denis Wick wooden mutes are made by wrapping a birch-ply facing over a vulcanized fiber and finished with a marine ply bottom. This manufacturing technique reduces cost and increases durability while at the same time maintaining the beautifully warm muted sound that can only be achieved with a real wooden mute.


The Denis Wick travel mute was designed with portability in mind. All our travel mutes will fit completely inside the bell of the instrument allowing the mute and the instrument to fit in the case without taking up any extra room. Couple its portability with its excellent response and intonation and practicing on the go has never been easier.