Available in Silver & Gold

Sizes: 1, 1L, 1XL, 2, 2L, 2SL, 2XL, 3, 3L, 3SL, 3XL, 4, 4L, 5, 5L


Denis Wick Classic mouthpieces have a traditional outer shape with perfectly balanced cup, rim, throat, and backbore combinations. These features combined with cutting edge manufacturing techniques provide the very best intonation, comfort, and tones.


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Available in Silver with Gold Rim

Sizes: 1L, 1XL, 2L, 2SL, 2XL, 2.5CC, 3L, 3SL, 3XL, 4L, 5L


Velvet Brown


The Heritage style mouthpiece is designed by combining thin upper walls and a lighter top with more mass at the center. The thin walls and lighter top enable faster articulation response, better control over softer dynamics, and increased response in the upper registers. The heavy center mass helps to stabilize the sound, maintains good projection, and adds clarity to the tone.


Click here to view the mouthpiece sizing chart.