Available for Lacquer & Silver

Valve Oil

Denis Wick Valve oil is a petroleum distillate based oil combined with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). The petroleum used is the purest available and will leave no residue on the valves. The PTFE is one of the slipperiest substances on earth  and helps to make sure that even as evaporation of valve oil takes place valves do not get stuck. Whether you are using it for piston, Thayer, or rotary valves Denis Wick valve oil is designed to keep them moving.

Cleaning Cloths

The Denis Wick Lacquer cleaning cloth is made from 100% cotton to safely clean away dust, oil residue, and dirt without the use of any harsh chemicals. Use to wipe down anything that gains dirt build up over time.


The Denis Wick silver cleaning cloth is a brand new micro-fiber, made from a blend of different fibers that absorbs oil-based and water based dirt and particulates. It is also  infused with a special cleaning agent that removes the toughest tarnish stains and is sure to leave your instrument free of dirt, debris, and unsightly stains.

Available in large & small

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning brushes are an essential tool for any brass player. Whether it’s a long snake style brush or a mouthpiece brush, Wick has the tools necessary to keep your mouthpiece and instrument performing at its best.