The Wick tuner combines three essential tools: a tone generator, tuner, and metronome. The tone generator plays a precise pitch every time. The tuner can be customized to work at pitches ranging from A=430 to A=450 and the metronome has a strong, clear sound that can be set to simple or complex rhythms. A must have for all musicians, students and professionals alike.

Clip On Tuner

Unlike other clip on tuners designed to work with guitars, the Denis Wick clip on tuner is made to work specifically with brass instruments. It transposes for Bb, Eb, F, and D instruments and works by simply clipping it to instrument.

Wireless Pick-Up Tuner

The Denis Wick Wireless Pick-Up allows musicians to check on the tuning of their instrument in noisy conditions, or even in performances, by wirelessly transmitting a signal from their instrument to a small receiver plugged into a tuner.

The extremely discreet and unobtrusive transmitter clips on to the instrument and monitors the vibrations of the instrument. It is not a microphone, so it does not react to ambient sounds, only to the pitch that the instrument is playing. It transmits this information using Bluetooth-type technology to a receiver. The receiver is attached to a jack plug which plugs into a the Denis Wick tuner, or any other tuner that has a socket for a jack plug, providing pinpoint accuracy.

The wireless pick-up has big advantage over clip-on tuners; it can be clipped to any part of the instrument and still work. Ordinary clip-on tuners have to be clearly visible. This is easy on the trumpet, cornet or trombone, but very difficult on the euphonium or tuba, where there is no convenient place where the tuner can be easily seen without going cross-eyed. By use of the wireless pick-up, the tuner can be conveniently placed on the music stand, where it can be used very discreetly.